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Adam’s Peak

The pyramid mountain of Adam’s Peak is located 2,243 meters above the sea level without any other similar sized mountains located to the close proximity. The mountain is sacred for the giant footprint it has on top of it and which is worshiped by all the main religions in Sri Lanka. Sinhalese believe the foot print belongs to Lord Buddha that was placed by him on his way to paradise and hence the mountain is known as “Sri Padha” by them. Hindus believe the foot print belongs to Lord Shiva and they notify the mountain as “Sivanoli Patha Malai”. Whilst the Muslims and Christians believe that foot print was placed by Adam when he was cast out of the heaven.  

First Rays
Besides the religious believes associated with the Adam’s Peak, the mountain is one of the best destination for hiking in Sri Lanka. The hikers and even the pilgrims are determined to reach the top of the mountain before the sunrise to see the breathtaking view of first rays touching the world. To adore such visual treat, the previous night should be spent in the difficult yet thrilling task of climbing the mountain only with the fewer lights and the stars above.