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Colonial Ruins

Colonial Empire
Sri Lanka being the host of various natural resources and amusing people, had been the centre of attraction in the Silk Route of the ancient days. Due to the same fact, Sri Lanka was strategically as well as geographically approached by many foreigners. This also made the Portuguese, Dutch and British to conquer the country and rule it for many centuries commencing from 16th century to 19th century.   

Colonial Buildings
Arrival of the western colonists to Sri Lanka, lead a path to establish their own type of architecture in the island. Many outstanding buildings were built by the Dutch and British which could be still found in many parts of the Island. Churches in Northern and Southern Sri Lanka, the colonial establishments in Colombo such as General Post Office, Galle Face hotel, Grand Oriental hotel, Cargills and Millers complex, and Lloyd building are few tourists’ attraction spots in Sri Lanka. In addition to these the royal palaces and forts, guests houses and bungalows could be found in the central and Sothern Sri Lanka.