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Rock of Lion
The rock fortress and the palace of King Kasyapa, Sigiriya, which means “rock of lion” in Sinhalese is nearly 200 meter in height. It is believed that the fortress was built between 477 – 495 AD by King Kasyapa to safeguard him from the heirs of the kingdom. The architectural brilliance that was used to build such a giant palace on top of a huge natural rock which was decorated with colourful frescoes, mirror walls, water, boulder and terraced gardens, lion staircase, and many more, is still admired by the world.

There are differing views about the splendid paintings of females in three complexions of red, yellow and green. They are believed to be the goddesses worshiped by King Kasyapa or divinely souls known as Apsaras or the queens, princess and maids in King Kasyapa’s court. Whoever it denotes, the majority of the frescoes still remain as unfaded and vibrant. These painting of gorgeous females are ornamented with peculiar jewelleries, crowns, bouquets, and chaplets of flowers. These paintings are looked at as aesthetic resemblances as well as erotic proportions by many Archaeologists.